The gathering point for buyers and sellers of consultancy services.

Whether you are a buyer of consultant services, a freelancer, or a consultant supplier, Smartforce is your flexible platform for the industry. We have no hidden fees, and you gain quick and direct access to freelancers and consultants on the platform.

Introducing Smartforce

Smartforce is an online platform for consultants, clients and suppliers, that aims to unite, innovate and better the existing market.

Platform features

Smartforce is an all-in platform for the consultancy industry that will simplify your everyday work, and make the process of finding your perfect match and maintaining your business relationships more efficient than ever before.

Our values

The mission

Our mission is to create a transparent, efficient, and fair consultant market, without compromising on the better traditions of the market.

The vision

Our vision is to improve access to specialised knowledge that can help solve the future problems that companies and society face.

We’re ready to help you